A Mini Guide To The Most Popular Cuisines In 2017

How To Distinguish Good Coffee From Bad

It is not sufficient to read coffee machines reviews to tell the difference between good coffee and bad. This is because often the difference is in the coffee itself. Let us see what makes coffee good or bad

The microclimate in which the beans are grown

Coffee comes in many different varieties, and different types respond in different manners to separate microclimates. If you are planting a rare and treasured coffee variety in an area that is not suited for it, then it will not come out to be a high-quality bean. The best coffee farmers know which coffee variety to plant in a particular area.

Description of flavor profile

What makes coffee special? It is its uniqueness. Specialty roasters tend to be a little foolish with their tasting notes, but if a company uses terms like bold or smooth to describe their coffee, then it means that they haven’t taken the trouble to bring out the subtleties of the taste of their coffee.

Drying process

Once the coffee beans are picked different methods are used to dry out the moisture. One way is to lay them out for many weeks to dry or use an expensive mechanical dryer. The highest quality beans are monitored to make sure that they don’t mold. On the other hand, the lower quality is just left out in the sun unmonitored because it takes too much expense to keep an eye on it.

How long has it been on the shelf?

If your coffee shop is local beans from a good roaster, then they are probably serving it within a week to make sure that the level of freshness is perfect. This is not the case with larger lower quality brands

The amount of coffee that roasters are buying

We all know the correlation between quality and quantity and this exists with coffee as well at the farm level. The higher quality coffee is not available in the sufficient amount for large roasters to use. Smaller companies, on the other hand, buy few bags of these and other high quality coffee while doing shorter runs which ensures that the coffee that they are roasting is of the best quality. Once a roaster grows to a certain size, their ability to source really high-quality coffee reduces drastically.

The roasting process

Any roaster can produce coffee that is dark, roasted and ashy. This is the method used to hide defects. However, if you want to bring out the more complex fruity or caramel flavors, then the beans have to be of really high quality, and they have to be roasted carefully.

Picking the coffee beans at the right time

When it is nearing the end of harvest time, many pickers strip the coffee beans which are not exactly ripe. This is done to make way for next year’s crop. These beans are usable but do not exactly make the best coffee.

All those caffeine lovers are especially particular about the coffee that they drink, and this is the reason they want to know the quality of their brew. If you conduct some research online, then you will come across many other ways of finding out the differences between good and bad coffee.


Tips for keeping your food fresh longer

No one wants to eat a food that is not well prepared and fresh. Aside from the fact that it is not fresh, it is also unhealthy. We just want to enjoy a beautiful meal with our friends and family. However, it is not everyone that has the time to go food-shopping everyday. For many families, they buy and store up in a good place to keep it fresh until they are ready to use or eat it. If food is not properly stored well, it will loose its freshness. One of the best ways we like to keep food fresh is by using vacuum sealer bags. We have 50-100 on hand at any given time. There’s plenty of good ones to choose from, but you can go here for reviews of the best food vacuum sealer.

But, if you want some old fashion DIY ways to keep your food fresh, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Here are tips on how to keep your food fresh for a longer time.

Freezing Your Eggs in an Ice Tray

One of the ways to have your food fresh for a long time is to freeze it. And freezing is not just putting the foods stuff directly into the freezer. There are pattern through which it is done. Many people do not know eggs can be frozen to. To preserve your eggs so it remains fresh and last longer, just break the egg and pour it into the ice trays, add a little pinch of salt or sugar and freeze, the salt will help preserve their texture.

Freeze Your Milk For Weeks Ahead

Just imagine you went for a food-shopping and after you returned, you realized your boss is sending you out for get some country done out of the country. Lets say it will take you sometime before you return and you just bought a gallon of milk. No need to worry, there are several simple ways to store your milk and they will remain fresh till you return. To freeze your milk, just pour out a little from the gallon before freezing. This is because; the milk will increase upon freezing. You can freeze your milk for about 4weeks to 6 weeks.

Using A Paper Towel Helps your Lettuce Stay Longer

Don’t just dump your lettuce into your fridge; to help it last longer and remain fresh, you need to wrap your lettuce with a paper towel. The will aid the excess moisture to soak into the towel.

Turning Your Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream Upside Down Will Save Them From Spoiling

Many people have doubt about these, however, it is one way to keep your cheese fresh and lovely. Your cottage cheese and cream will remain fresh and will also last longer if you turn it upside down while you refrigerate it. This will create a vacuum and prevent bacteria growth inside it.

Onions in a Glass of Water Stay More Fresh and Longer

Several bunch of Onion can certainly stay longer and retain its freshness if it is kept in a glass of water. Just take some pieces and shear whenever you need them. Staying in the glass jar will keep them fresh.

Store Your Carrot Properly

You might be wondering how this idea will work, but gardeners actually recommend that carrots are stored in sand. Are you surprise? Well, this is why, sand helps decrease the water evaporation and slows down the chances of your carrot getting rotten.


A Look into How Weight Loss Pills Affect Our Health

It is indeed quite tempting to believe that a single pill could help you lose a few pounds over the course of days. It is that feeling which diet pills sellers use, to promote the promises of fast weight loss. Actual results from the usage of such pills may highly vary.

The Purpose of Diet Pills


There is a variety of ways diet pills accomplish their effects. Some increase the calories you burn on a daily basis, fitness supplements often have the same effect a good example of those are green tea or bitter orange based. Others, based on different types of drugs, decrease and/or block the fat which you receive out of foods. There are also ones which lead to a decrease in levels of appetite.


Physical and Side Effects


Research has shown that taking diet pills on a regular basis could lead to heavy consequences in the long term. The risk of conducting pulmonary hypertension, which is a disease that increases the pressure in your lungs and arteries, is observed to be increased by at least 6 times.  That causes problems with breathing and even goes as far as the necessity of lung transplant in some cases. Other physical effects result in an increase in blood pressure and cause of stroke.

Other unfortunate side effects, which diet pills provoke are the inability to digest all the fat in the food through fat-blocking. This could cause diarrhea when the body tries to dump the fat out of the body. Inefficient absorption of fat could lead to vitamins D and A deficiency, which has a negative effect on their own and could cause a snowball effect.


Examples of Drugs


Garcinia Cambogia


This is a pill which is based on the fruit of a small tree which grows in the Southeast Asian and Indian regions. It contains a chemical named hydroxy citric acid. It’s taken for the purpose of weight loses but has documented results to enhance a person’s performance, help through diarrhea, to improve bowel movements and treating parasites. Garcinia cambogia extract side effects are something we have covered in another article.




Its main effect is the suppression of appetite. In theory you should be able to go on for days without the urge to eat, however, the safety of such effects must be considered unsubstantiated.  You can actually also drink this supplement.



If you have set your mind on taking diet pills in order to lose weight, we strongly recommend that you contact your doctor before taking any medication of such type. It is a doctor’s responsibility to prescribe it after conducting an examination. He could also monitor your health and react in a fashionable manner to any negative effects the drugs might cause. It’s recommended that diet pills intake is combined with daily vitamin ingestion to prevent the body to developed vitamin deficiencies of any sort.



Useful Tips Before Cooking Any Kind of Meat

Meat can be cooked in a number of different ways. However, it usually boils down to hot and fast or low and slow. Anything else within this spectrum is likely to end in toughness. This applies whether you are boiling, frying, grilling, roasting, barbecuing, stewing, steaming or even microwaving.

Meat is made of collagen and juicy muscle fibres. Collagen is naturally tough and starts to break down slowly at about 5C/12F. Hotter than this and the muscle cells start to break down too. If you are serious about your meat, you may want to get a meat thermometer for professionals while cooking. Here are some useful tips you should consider before cooking any kind of meat:


  1. High heat develops flavor. If you are looking for that lustful flavor that comes with browning meat, high heat will achieve this. What happens is a chemical reaction when the meat is exposed to high heat causing amino acids and sugars in the food to combine. You will see a deep brown sear and a thick crust on all sides. If cooking in a pan, make sure there is enough space between the meat chunks.
  2. Preserve moisture with low heat. This allows the centre of the meat to achieve the same temperature as the surface. This is especially effective in larger meat chunks. An added advantage is that you get to keep all the yummy juices inside the meat and the fat too.
  3. Cook your meat with regard to the cut. Tough cuts are usually the parts of the meat that were heavily exercised such as the shoulder or rump. These cook better with low heat and a slower cooking time to make them tender. They are also best served well done. Tender cuts such as the loin are the parts that are subjected to very little exercise. They respond better to fast and dry-heat cooking like grilling and roasting.
  4. Meat continues cooking even after it leaves the oven or pan. If you want your meat to reach a particular temperature – measured with a meat thermometer for professionals – remove it from the oven, grill or pan when it is 5 to 10 degrees below the desired temperature. This is referred to as carry-over cooking. However, this does not apply to poultry meat, which does not retain heat as much.
  5. Figure out how much time you need to marinate the meat. Marinating can take a whole night but usually, you would like to do it in the time it takes for the meat to reach room temperature. Use water-based marinades rather than oil-based ones which do not penetrate the meat and burn during grilling.

Cooking meat can be an exhilarating experience when you get to master it. It is very dependent on timing and heat used. Spices and flavor will only add to the taste but you can know how good meat is just by its look and texture.

A Mini Guide To The Most Popular Cuisines In 2017

A Mini Guide To The Most Popular Cuisines In 2017

In the context of eatables and delicacies, the world has too much to offer. To taste various symphonies of flavors, you need to move out of your home and dine like a local in some other country. This way you may fabulously live through the flavor. The significant advancement in technology has made things accessible. You may just use the internet to order any cuisine you like whether it is Thai, Chinese, French or Indian right from the comfort of your home. Although things are so very convenient, still the real taste and essence of the cuisine may be captured only by experienced hands. As already stated, to taste hidden wonders, you need to dine like a local. Some of the most popular cuisines of 2017 are French cuisine, Chinese cuisine, and Indian cuisine, and Mexican, Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Japanese cuisine: the most popular among food lovers

If you are a food lover, you will love Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisines make use of cooking styles initiated from the Japanese belonging to various regions of the world according to ShiS, a popular restaurant in Milan. When you talk about Japanese staple food, they comprise of sauces, noodles, veggies, rice, sushi and seasonings. There are various regional cuisines like Hunan, Anhui, Cantonese, and Szechuan that are very popular.

Indian cuisine: the traditional cuisine of the world

When it comes to Indian cuisines, religious and cultural options characterize it. Indian food items are prepared by using spices, herbs, veggies, rice, flour and pearl millet. The North Indian food is prepared by using peanut and mustard oil while the South Indian food uses coconut and gingelly oil. Some of the popular Indian cuisines are dosa, idly and chapatti.

The Italian cuisine: the oldest cuisine in the world

Italian cuisine may be dated back to 4th century and is the oldest in the world. Cheese and wine play a prominent role here. Coffee espresso is another important part of Italian cuisine. Pasta and tomato are important ingredients when making Italian dish.

Thai Cuisine having its roots in China

Thai cuisine is the famous cuisine of the world. Most of the Thai items have their roots in China. Popular Thai items that form the important part of Thai cuisines are rice porridge, fried rice noodle, steamed buns. Soya sauce and tofu are also major ingredients.

French cuisine is known for affluent flavor

Again, French cuisine is the popular cuisine in 2017. The cuisine is known for affluent flavor and great nuance. Lorraine and Champagne form the important part of this cuisine. Major ingredients used in the preparation of French cuisines are olive oil, honey, garlic and lavender Pasta and yogurt also form the part of essential ingredients used for the making of French cuisines.

Spanish cuisines

Some of the most common Spanish foods are stewed cod tortilla, sausages, and tomato bread. Common ingredients are eggplants, spinach, lemon, and almonds.

Mexican cuisine is much like Spanish cuisine

You can say that Mexican cuisine is composite cuisine which uses the ingredients brought by Spanish explorers. Some of the local ingredients are tomatoes, cocoa, and squashes. Tortillas prepared from wheat and corn is the most popular Mexican cuisine.

There can be various other cuisines apart from the above-mentioned ones. They are Japanese cuisines, Australian cuisines, and Lebanese cuisines.