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Airbrush make up is seen to be utilized in many different areas. From day to day make up to requiring the sparkle during formal occasions, make up has become a sort of prerequisite that is considered of utmost importance. When you’re going on or planning a vacation, it’s even more important, as you want to look your best when you travel.  With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at lots of airbrush makeup kits so you know what to look for.  The airbrush make up kits and tools do not come cheap, but there is a vast majority of manufacturers that are now devoted to its production.  If you want to know who the best manufacturers are, check out these airbrush makeup reviews…and who knows, these kits might become affordable for the common man one day.

Finding the Right Makeup Kit

The most useful airbrush make up is considered to be the foundation. Most people can pull off a good lipstick, a contour, or a highlight, but seem to struggle in the application of an even and thin layer of foundation. Considering the foundation essentially defines the major part of your make up, we rate it as the most important. This leads us to the question: how to pick the best airbrush make up kit?

First and foremost, you need to be familiar with your skin tones and what best complements your natural skin tones. There are three basic categories that people fall into: the ones with the warmer skin tones, the ones with the neutral skin tones and the ones with the cooler skin tones. Once you know what your skin tone is, you’ll be able to choose the appropriate foundation accordingly.

Foundation is the Key

woman getting airbrushed

Another thing to look for is a foundation that holds the capacity to evenly blend with your skin which allows for a more natural touch to your make up. We recommend you go no more than two shades lighter of your natural skin color. Also, not every airbrush makeup kit comes with appropriate products so it is important to purchase an airbrush kit that is fully equipped with its complementary products including, but not limited to: blush, concealer, foundation.

Lastly we are concerned with the maintenance of the makeup kits. It might seem like an almost insignificant concern, but we assure you it is NOT.

Cleaning the kits is easy and essentially includes simply running the appropriate cleaning solution through it; however, neglecting this step can result in build-up of dried makeup in the nozzle tip, which affects the overall performance of the airbrush.

With these tips in mind, start looking around for some quality kits you can buy for your vacation.  While they might be a bit pricey, how often do you really get to enjoy yourself?!


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