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6 tips on finding a good electric smoker today

Planning a barbecue weekend, but living in a condo? You can still have it. But, first get yourself an electric smoker.

Since you can’t imagine having a barbecue without an electric smoker, you would probably like to know is there some trick to get the best one.

Luckily, there are six tips you should read if you want to find a good electric smoker today.

Tip #1 The purpose

Where you’re going to use an electric smoker is the first thing you should ask yourself before making a purchase. If you’re planning to host bigger events, you might want to find a larger electric smoker. On the other hand, if you want to have a smoker to through a small party here and there, you will probably be satisfied with a smaller smoker. Maybe you want to use an electric smoker for some general cooking, which means you don’t need a high-end smoker with different options.

Tip #2 Temperature control

Electric heaters are specific in comparison to other smokers. Since they need electricity to run, it’s easier to control the temperature. However, there are two types of temperature system. The first one is rheostat system, which is basically similar to a hot plate. What rheostat does is that it sends the electricity to a coil, allowing it to heat up. When it’s heated up, the food will be cooked.

On the other hand, a thermostat electric smoker is usually a piece of high-end smokers. It replicates the technique used in ovens: a thermostat is connected to the probe which is extended towards a cooking chamber. The temperature in the chamber is controlled by pressing buttons. It’s worth mentioning that only electric smokers with thermostats will allow you to control the temperature completely.

Tip #3 Heat layers

A rheostat electric smoker provides a different heat layering than a thermostat electric smoker. Since a rheostat electric smoker cannot give you the full control over the temperature, there’s only one way in which heat flows. And that is from top to bottom, or the other way around. On the flip side, a smoker with a thermostat usually helps to heat the whole chamber, which means a better heat distribution. Professionals usually pick smokers in which heat flows from bottom to top, and from side to side. This will give your food the right cooking.

electric smoker

Tip #4 Caveats

Electric smokers usually come with preinstalled caveats. That is something you should pay attention to, because caveats help that excess heat and smoke come out of the chamber. However, the temperature remains the same, even though there’s no extra heat in the chamber.

Tip #5 Material

For a professional use, stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to material for the electric smoker. Not only it will last longer than most other smokers, but it will also be easier to maintain. Also, if you want to have a look on the food while smoking, make sure you find a smoker that has a small window at the front side.

Tip #6 Mobility

Some electric smokers have wheels, which is a great feature if you’re planning to move it around your place.