How To Distinguish Good Coffee From Bad

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It is not sufficient to read coffee machines reviews to tell the difference between good coffee and bad. This is because often the difference is in the coffee itself. Let us see what makes coffee good or bad

The microclimate in which the beans are grown

Coffee comes in many different varieties, and different types respond in different manners to separate microclimates. If you are planting a rare and treasured coffee variety in an area that is not suited for it, then it will not come out to be a high-quality bean. The best coffee farmers know which coffee variety to plant in a particular area.

Description of flavor profile

What makes coffee special? It is its uniqueness. Specialty roasters tend to be a little foolish with their tasting notes, but if a company uses terms like bold or smooth to describe their coffee, then it means that they haven’t taken the trouble to bring out the subtleties of the taste of their coffee.

Drying process

Once the coffee beans are picked different methods are used to dry out the moisture. One way is to lay them out for many weeks to dry or use an expensive mechanical dryer. The highest quality beans are monitored to make sure that they don’t mold. On the other hand, the lower quality is just left out in the sun unmonitored because it takes too much expense to keep an eye on it.

How long has it been on the shelf?

If your coffee shop is local beans from a good roaster, then they are probably serving it within a week to make sure that the level of freshness is perfect. This is not the case with larger lower quality brands

The amount of coffee that roasters are buying

We all know the correlation between quality and quantity and this exists with coffee as well at the farm level. The higher quality coffee is not available in the sufficient amount for large roasters to use. Smaller companies, on the other hand, buy few bags of these and other high quality coffee while doing shorter runs which ensures that the coffee that they are roasting is of the best quality. Once a roaster grows to a certain size, their ability to source really high-quality coffee reduces drastically.

The roasting process

Any roaster can produce coffee that is dark, roasted and ashy. This is the method used to hide defects. However, if you want to bring out the more complex fruity or caramel flavors, then the beans have to be of really high quality, and they have to be roasted carefully.

Picking the coffee beans at the right time

When it is nearing the end of harvest time, many pickers strip the coffee beans which are not exactly ripe. This is done to make way for next year’s crop. These beans are usable but do not exactly make the best coffee.

All those caffeine lovers are especially particular about the coffee that they drink, and this is the reason they want to know the quality of their brew. If you conduct some research online, then you will come across many other ways of finding out the differences between good and bad coffee.

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