A Look into How Weight Loss Pills Affect Our Health

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It is indeed quite tempting to believe that a single pill could help you lose a few pounds over the course of days. It is that feeling which diet pills sellers use, to promote the promises of fast weight loss. Actual results from the usage of such pills may highly vary.

The Purpose of Diet Pills


There is a variety of ways diet pills accomplish their effects. Some increase the calories you burn on a daily basis, fitness supplements often have the same effect a good example of those are green tea or bitter orange based. Others, based on different types of drugs, decrease and/or block the fat which you receive out of foods. There are also ones which lead to a decrease in levels of appetite.


Physical and Side Effects


Research has shown that taking diet pills on a regular basis could lead to heavy consequences in the long term. The risk of conducting pulmonary hypertension, which is a disease that increases the pressure in your lungs and arteries, is observed to be increased by at least 6 times.  That causes problems with breathing and even goes as far as the necessity of lung transplant in some cases. Other physical effects result in an increase in blood pressure and cause of stroke.

Other unfortunate side effects, which diet pills provoke are the inability to digest all the fat in the food through fat-blocking. This could cause diarrhea when the body tries to dump the fat out of the body. Inefficient absorption of fat could lead to vitamins D and A deficiency, which has a negative effect on their own and could cause a snowball effect.


Examples of Drugs


Garcinia Cambogia


This is a pill which is based on the fruit of a small tree which grows in the Southeast Asian and Indian regions. It contains a chemical named hydroxy citric acid. It’s taken for the purpose of weight loses but has documented results to enhance a person’s performance, help through diarrhea, to improve bowel movements and treating parasites. Garcinia cambogia extract side effects are something we have covered in another article.




Its main effect is the suppression of appetite. In theory you should be able to go on for days without the urge to eat, however, the safety of such effects must be considered unsubstantiated.  You can actually also drink this supplement.



If you have set your mind on taking diet pills in order to lose weight, we strongly recommend that you contact your doctor before taking any medication of such type. It is a doctor’s responsibility to prescribe it after conducting an examination. He could also monitor your health and react in a fashionable manner to any negative effects the drugs might cause. It’s recommended that diet pills intake is combined with daily vitamin ingestion to prevent the body to developed vitamin deficiencies of any sort.


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