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Every time I go into the grocery store it seems like the prices are going up and the quality is going down. Where I purchase my groceries, strawberries can be $6 on some days!

There is a huge myth that eating healthy is too expensive. This just isnt true. Yes, there are cheaper options that you could live off (22 cent ramen noodles) but there are so many ways to eat clean and still not brake the bank.

Here are my list of eating your healthy meals and staying on budget!

Clean eating on a budget

  •  Make a list and STICK TO IT!
  • Get in and out in under a half hour: The longer you are in the store the more likely youll be to spend money on frivolous things and bad food. (obviously kids and household items take longer but make it as short as possible)
  •  Go early: Before the store opens each morning fresh vegetables and produce are stocked for the day and this is a great time to get the best quality!
  •  Take some time and check out your local grocery stores. You may find that certain stores carry a wider variety and in turn have more deals.
  •  Some farmers markets do mixed boxes so head out on a saturday and ask around!
  •  Stick with the basics: Meat, vegetables, fruit. DONE. When you are working with less $$ you make smarter choices and realize you CAN live without certain things.
  •  Buy the store brand: Generic items are generally the same item next to the higher cost item. Check the ingredients and compare to save!
  •  Avoid canned and boxed items: these are full of salt and added crap!
  •  Buy BIG: Whole chickens, large pieces of lean meats go a long way and can be made at once and used through out the week!
  • Hit the frozen isle: Everything fresh (and more) can usually be found in the frozen isle! This is a great way to get those pricier fruits and vegetables and still stay on budget!
  • Cut coupons: Many grocery stores will bundle vegetables when you buy dairy products and there are often coupons for items like almond milk and eggs! Even purchasing egg beaters (liquid eggs) when you have a coupon is a great option!

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What are some of your tips for staying on budget when shopping?!

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