Tips for keeping your food fresh longer

No one wants to eat a food that is not well prepared and fresh. Aside from the fact that it is not fresh, it is also unhealthy. We just want to enjoy a beautiful meal with our friends and family. However, it is not everyone that has the time to go food-shopping everyday. For many families, they buy and store up in a good place to keep it fresh until they are ready to use or eat it. If food is not properly stored well, it will loose its freshness. One of the best ways we like to keep food fresh is by using vacuum sealer bags. We have 50-100 on hand at any given time. There’s plenty of good ones to choose from, but you can go here for reviews of the best food vacuum sealer.

But, if you want some old fashion DIY ways to keep your food fresh, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Here are tips on how to keep your food fresh for a longer time.

Freezing Your Eggs in an Ice Tray

One of the ways to have your food fresh for a long time is to freeze it. And freezing is not just putting the foods stuff directly into the freezer. There are pattern through which it is done. Many people do not know eggs can be frozen to. To preserve your eggs so it remains fresh and last longer, just break the egg and pour it into the ice trays, add a little pinch of salt or sugar and freeze, the salt will help preserve their texture.

Freeze Your Milk For Weeks Ahead

Just imagine you went for a food-shopping and after you returned, you realized your boss is sending you out for get some country done out of the country. Lets say it will take you sometime before you return and you just bought a gallon of milk. No need to worry, there are several simple ways to store your milk and they will remain fresh till you return. To freeze your milk, just pour out a little from the gallon before freezing. This is because; the milk will increase upon freezing. You can freeze your milk for about 4weeks to 6 weeks.

Using A Paper Towel Helps your Lettuce Stay Longer

Don’t just dump your lettuce into your fridge; to help it last longer and remain fresh, you need to wrap your lettuce with a paper towel. The will aid the excess moisture to soak into the towel.

Turning Your Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream Upside Down Will Save Them From Spoiling

Many people have doubt about these, however, it is one way to keep your cheese fresh and lovely. Your cottage cheese and cream will remain fresh and will also last longer if you turn it upside down while you refrigerate it. This will create a vacuum and prevent bacteria growth inside it.

Onions in a Glass of Water Stay More Fresh and Longer

Several bunch of Onion can certainly stay longer and retain its freshness if it is kept in a glass of water. Just take some pieces and shear whenever you need them. Staying in the glass jar will keep them fresh.

Store Your Carrot Properly

You might be wondering how this idea will work, but gardeners actually recommend that carrots are stored in sand. Are you surprise? Well, this is why, sand helps decrease the water evaporation and slows down the chances of your carrot getting rotten.